Katum Kutum

The Art is not only an aesthetic subject, It represents a greater value in the World. The Artist can express his own vision, feelings through his works. The art lovers can get eternal enjoyment through Art. We also get an idea of past heritage, culture, literature, society etc. as well as trend & future outline through Art.

The Proper Counselling & Guidance can change the neglected & destitute Children as perfect human being. In the same way, discarted Tree Roots & Branches would be  an attractive Art object. He has tried to execute "THE MAJESTIC BEAUTY OF DISCARDED TREE ROOTS & ITS BRANCHES" through works. He looks forward sincerely for his work to earn its due appreciation among the art lovers.

Artist Gadadhar Das has developed an intense artistic mind which goes on developing wooden sculpture containing human and animal figures, events etc. from discarded and left found tree roots as well as its branches. This representation is almost resemble with optical vision, besides other beyond reality. But a close observation reveals an aesthetic significance. This art work is commonly known as 'Katum Kutum'. It was introduced by our great art exponent Abanindranath Tagore at the fag end of his life. He has tried to execute the same in the thought process of Abanindranath Tagore no doubt, but that embellished with his own insight and vision.